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Forever Homes for Abandoned Pets, Inc.
P.O. Box 3705
Mankato, MN
(612) 886-6904
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Forever Homes for Abandoned Pets, Inc., is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to helping find permanent homes for all pets.

Finding real, loving homes for pets

With the help of folks like you, we rescue pets that have been abandoned, tortured, abused, left on roadsides, found starved in drug houses, or surrendered to budget-strapped shelters across America. These are pets that are often in need of expensive, critical medical care and deemed not adoptable. We earnestly believe that all life is valuable, and we will not deny rescue, medical care, and placement into a forever loving and caring home to any pet in need.

Animal shelters are certainly filling a vital role in accepting lost and abandoned pets; however, that’s only half the rescue. These animals need loving homes in which to live out their lives; they crave the human contact that they’ve been bred to require. By providing medical and dental care for these pets in need and by aggressively searching for loving homes, we can greatly increase adoptions and reduce the numbers of pets in shelters, numbers that have already surpassed record levels.

We assist those who want to adopt but just don't have the funds to pay for the adoption fee and the first year’s medical and dental expenses. For those in need, we pay, directly to the adoption facility, the costs of adoption; further, we will pay directly to the pet’s veterinarian any medical and dental services required for the first year. We also follow up to be sure the pet is well cared for and loved throughout the pet’s life.

All-volunteer nonprofit

The members of the board and our officers are all volunteers. We have average-earning jobs and families to support. We are using all of our expendable funds, and sometimes personal loans, to keep our movement going forward.

You will not see any photos of abused, suffering pets on this site, photos meant to move you to make a donation. You will see instead photos of those who are looking now to see if you have room for them, you'll find notes about our successful adoptions, and you'll read the success stories made possible by all of you who Join the Rescue™.

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