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Our inspiration

Here are three of the dogs we've rescued. The costs of their initial care inspired this charity.

Meet Angel, Lady, and Casey, all dachshunds.


Angel, according to what little the shelter knew of her, was breeder stock: that is, she'd been caged for life, pumping out puppies, and then discarded when she was no longer useful. She spent one winter's night at the shelter—in the back of an unheated van from which she couldn't be coaxed.

Angel needed to have quite a number of her teeth removed, and maintaining the few she still has requires constant attention. Her expenses mounted to $850.22 in her first six months out of the shelter—just in unexpected medical and dental services.


Originally christened Dutchess Carro of Kroth, Lady did not tolerate the shelter at all, barking nonstop at other dogs—who nearly took her life when she challenged some 40 of them in the common yard. After she was resuscitated and the mud and blood were cleaned out of her eyes and wounds, she was confined to a towel-covered kennel to reduce her antagonizing the other dogs she could see and hear. She was so stressed out she was losing her hair; she was clearly in great misery.

Lady needed to have all but three of her teeth removed. Rotting in her head, they'd obviously been causing her constant pain for a number of years. Two fistulas (holes), one on either side of her mouth, communicated between her mouth and nostrils where teeth were missing, and whenever she'd eat or drink, she would sneeze constantly to clear her nose. A blood vessel was actually exposed in the right fistula, and she could have bled profusely just by eating something hard that got into the hole and nicked the blood vessel. She cost over $3,000 in surgeries and follow-ups in her first year out of the shelter. Her tongue now lolls out of her mouth because of her missing teeth.

Lady's personality has been completely transformed. Although she's over nine years old now and certainly spends lots of time sleeping, she's no longer angry with life, she plays with other dogs, and she has become a most loyal companion.


We know nothing about Casey's history at all. In his time at the shelter, he enjoyed playing with the other dogs but definitely hungered for human companionship.

He's a delight to be with. He loves to play and wrestle, and he keeps the others young. Even though he was in great health, if a bit overweight, his first four months' care still cost $484.07.

More pets want to go home

So those are the reasons we've established this charity: We know there are so many dogs and cats in need, and it can be unbelievably costly to bring them home.

Shelters are a great and necessary service to our furry friends, but it's not enough to simply warehouse our unwanted pets; they need a real home, and that takes real love and costs real money.

Every pet deserves a good home. Won't you Join the Rescue™?

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