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Forever Homes for Abandoned Pets, Inc.
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Mankato, MN
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Meet our all-volunteer board of directors

Picture of Jeff Fenske
Jeffrey J. Fenske, Esq.
Jeff’s qualifications are best found on his Web site, He's been an attorney for over 25 years. He is active in his community with the St. Paul Midway Lions Club, serving as a past president and board member. He is active in his church, volunteering to serve on committees and in various ministries. The greatest asset Jeff brings with him is his moral compass. His Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent certification for general ethical standards and professional legal ability is the highest attainable.

Picture of Carol Hammer
Carol A. Krasnow-Hammer
Carol brings to our board the networking and motivational skills we need to make this venture successful. She is very active in her community, devoting time and energy to local causes and local children. Her affinity for cats and dogs and her intense spirituality help drive us forward. Her work in the production of legal transcripts, her history as a court reporter and legal secretary, and her community's respect for and love of her means she will be able to help us build the network of contacts we need. Carol is also an amazingly inventive problem solver.

Picture of Jack McGowan
Jack McGowan
Jack has been a high-profile Mankato businessman for almost his entire adult life. After turning over his water-conditioning business to a son, he created Little People, Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to the advancement of children. His standing in the community is stellar, and few residents of Mankato have not heard of him. Jack has been putting on History Fest for years and has created Mankato's Solstice fesitval, an annual event to raise funds for History Fest. He's an amateur magician and is seen all over town, volunteering his time to improve the lives of children. He has been featured in a large number of newspaper articles and television pieces and has received quite a few community awards. Jack's ability to creatively seek and obtain donations, his high esteem in the community and renown in southern Minnesota, and his success as a businessman will be invaluable to our growth.

Picture of Tim McGowan
Timothy J. McGowan
Cofounder and chief executive officer, Tim has been a freelance court reporter since 1993, establishing his own firm, McGowan Reporting, LLC, ten years later. He frequently participates in The Court Reporters Forum on what was once known as CompuServe, and he is an active member of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in North Mankato, Minnesota. Tim's attention to detail, his dedication to service in support of others, and his love of animals make him a natural fit here. He is also a primary financial contributor to this organization. (He is also the novice Web site designer here and will be immensely grateful for all feedback and help.)

Picture of Ronald Wallenberg
Ronald Wallenberg
Cofounder and chief financial officer, born in 1964, Ronald has many years' retail experience as a district manager, regional trainer, and director of stores. His passion to help challenged individuals and abandoned pets is best expressed in his personal credo, found in Psalms 82:3-4: "Defend the weak and the orphans; defend the rights of the poor and suffering. Save the weak and helpless; free them from the power of the wicked." Ronald is also a primary financial contributor to Forever Homes for Abandoned Pets, Inc.

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