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Forever Homes for Abandoned Pets, Inc.
P.O. Box 3705
Mankato, MN
(612) 886-6904
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Because we are an all-volunteer nonprofit, every penny you donate goes to the cause of helping families and other caring homes adopt pets from animal shelters. Having volunteered at such shelters, we're keenly aware of the desperate need these abandoned loved ones have for a real home. The members of the board work for free; indeed, right now, they are the ones who cover all the administrative costs, such as phone, electricity, this Web site, and all the rest. Every dollar you donate goes to the rescue of and care for pets in need.

And because the IRS has granted us tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, every dollar you donate is also tax-deductible. Think of it as a way to specify exactly how your tax dollars are spent.

If you feel moved, as we are, to help empty these shelters of the pets that have been abandoned there, please consider making a donation. You may do so on line, here:
Or you may make out a check or money order to FHFAP and mail it to:
Forever Homes for Abandoned Pets, Inc.
P.O. Box 3705
Mankato, MN  56002-3705

You can also help by volunteering at or donating to your local shelter or by helping another family to cover the expenses that come with new-pet ownership. Consider becoming a foster family to a servicemember's pet while they're serving away from home. Or of course, if you can make room for just one (or one more) pet in your own home, you'll find the love you receive is worth more than your new companion's weight in gold.

They need your help. Won't you Join the Rescue™?

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